Ciena provides packet optical networking equipment for satellite communications service Globecomm

Data: 04 Aug 2016

Ciena Inc. recently announced that it has won orders fo […]

Ciena Inc. recently announced that it has won orders for optical network infrastructure equipment from Globecomm, a satellite communications services company. Ciena will provide Globecomm with its packet optical network system to enhance Globecomm's reliability, availability and transport capacity.


Global satellite communications services require solid ground-based fiber-optic network support. Globecomm has just completed a large-capacity content distribution network CDN is such a network. The CDN has now expanded to include African and Asian countries. Ciena will provide 10GbE of 5142 service aggregation switches and 6500 packet optical platforms for Globecomm this time. The 5142 supports Globecomm's high-bandwidth services such as video conferencing, while the 6500 supports customized services that support bandwidths from 2.5Gbps to 200Gbps.


Globecomm currently serves over 250 clients, including maritime, media, wireless networks and businesses, and government, providing these customers with communications services such as video distribution and disaster recovery.


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