Li Keqiang: We will increase innovation support for small and medium-sized enterprises and strengthen intellectual property protection

Data: 04 Aug 2016

On August 30, Premier Li Keqiang presided over a State […]

On August 30, Premier Li Keqiang presided over a State Council executive meeting and decided to promote a batch of innovative reform measures with the conditions of reproduction in order to create a better environment for innovation and development. The measures to promote the development of the health service sector were determined to meet the needs of the masses and improve their health level .


The meeting pointed out: In accordance with the arrangements made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, some regions in some areas since June last year carried out pilot reforms to crack the bottleneck of innovation-driven development and explored ways to create a more conducive environment for business start-ups and public innovation and a fair competitive market environment. progress. The meeting decided that, at present, a number of reform measures that are currently relatively mature and already have the conditions of reproduction promotion will be implemented on a larger scale, with the vast majority going to the whole country. Mainly include: First, more targeted to increase the support of small and medium-sized enterprise innovation. Set up a one-stop investment and financing information service system for SMEs, pledging to pledge receivables from core leaders or large enterprises, providing bundled pledges to related companies for financing, developing loans, insurance and fiscal risks Financing new models to increase the flexibility and convenience of financial support innovation. The second is greater efforts to strengthen intellectual property protection. Relying on the rapid protection of intellectual property rights center to carry out the rapid review of patents set, the right to rights in one of the integrated services. Third, colleges and universities and research institutes are allowed to introduce high-level or short-term talent in flexible and varied forms, such as the annual salary system, the agreement wage system and the project salary, and the establishment of public institutions to formulate an integrated system of utilization within the province. Fourth, we should broaden the channels for the transfer of foreign talents to stay in permanent residence, simplify procedures and procedures, and accept the acceptance of foreign experts' work in China and entry permits. Encourage and guide the excellent foreign students to start employment in China and apply for work and residence permit if they meet the requirements. Fifth, the implementation of state tax and land tax joint tax. The meeting called for the reform measures that have not yet been promoted, we must first try out areas to speed up implementation, strengthen supervision and examination, as soon as possible to achieve substantive breakthroughs. To summarize the successful practices in a timely manner, and to copy and promote.


The meeting pointed out that accelerating the development of a healthy service industry, a strategic industry, is an important part of advancing the structural reform on the supply side and is of vital importance to the well-being of all people. With the improvement of living standards and the continuous expansion of the population of the elderly, there is a huge and urgent need in this regard. Since 2013, all relevant local authorities have actively implemented the strategic deployment of building a healthy China, promoted the implementation of relevant policies, effectively promoted the rapid development of the health service industry, significantly increased the number of beds and medical practitioners in medical institutions, and made social capital a major participant. The proportion of social medical institutions that make up 45% of the population, the mass health care needs of the masses, the rehabilitation and nursing, the combination of medical services and other service providers have flourished. The meeting called for enhancing the sense of urgency in developing the health service industry by first studying and formulating the outline of the development of the health industry, scientifically defining the connotation, establishing a long-term support mechanism, and promoting the effective integration of medical and health care, pension, tourism, sports and the Internet to form a function Complete, well-structured industrial support system. Second, to further deepen the reform of decentralization, decentralization and management, and optimization of service reform. The development and reform commission shall step up the introduction of a comprehensive examination and approval system for cross-departmental whole-process set by the medical institutions and pension institutions in the society, and eliminate various obstacles that restrict development. Speed up the promotion of second-level and below the establishment of medical institutions to examine and practice registration of two certificates in one. The pension institutions set up clinics within the record system. Thirdly, the Health and Family Planning Commission should take the lead in setting up an integrated supervisory system as soon as possible and strengthen the after-the-fact supervision by using the "double random and open" approach. Exploring inclusive, prudent and effective supervision of new health service agencies and cross-border integration services to create a fair and equitable development environment. Fourth, intensify the cultivation of shortage personnel such as medical care, nursing and rehabilitation to support the development of major innovative medicines, shortage of medicines and rehabilitation aids, and other health products to meet the needs of the market and the masses. Fifth, pay attention to the use of social forces to supplement health services short board. Adjust and add health service resources to prioritize social capital. Encourage social forces to develop health checkups and specialist medical services. Relax restrictions on foreign-invested clinics holding shares. Launch a pilot reform of the home and community pension services, strongly support professional service agencies and encourage other organizations and social volunteers to provide life care, medical care and spiritual comfort to home-based seniors. Sixth, tax departments should pay close attention to study and adjust the social medical and pension insurance business income tax policy, increase support. To speed up the establishment of multi-point physicians to adapt to the practice of hiring and withdrawal, education and training, evaluation incentives, job promotion and other mechanisms. Encourage the development of guaranteed commercial health insurance. Take Measures to Promote Health Services to Orderly and Speed up Development.


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