China Aerospace News Network opened a new version of China Aerospace Newspaper LAN enabled

Data: 04 Aug 2017

Yang Jian, China Aerospace Newspaper On March 9, the ne […]

Yang Jian, China Aerospace Newspaper On March 9, the new version of China Aerospace News Network and the editorial local area network of China Aerospace Newspaper (hereinafter referred to as "the two networks") were officially launched. Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Deputy General Manager Wu Zhuo, Chief Engineer Yang Haicheng, China Press Association Industry Industry Committee Chairman Lv Huailin and the China Aerospace Press jointly launched the leadership of the "two networks." Relevant leaders of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Aerospace Engineering Consulting Center, Aerospace SiChuan Software Company and Beida Jade Bird Huaguang attended the "Two Networks" opening ceremony.


China Aerospace News Network was founded in 2002 by China Aerospace News Agency. It was originally an electronic version of China Aerospace. In order to better adapt to the new requirements of space development and to adapt to the new situation of rapid development of digital media, China Aerospace News launched the revision of China Aerospace News Network in the second half of 2006 and began trial operation on January 8 this year. The revised news network is positioned as China Aerospace News Portal. It is the bridge between China Aerospace News Corporation and the two major aerospace groups in strengthening foreign exchange, as a link to integrate information resources in the aerospace field, popularizing science-based platform for aerospace knowledge and aerospace information database, timeliness of news and The richness of content is greatly enhanced. Since the trial operation of the website, the click-through rate has risen sharply and the influence has been expanding day by day.


China Aerospace Newspaper editorial LAN mainly by the editing system, network grouping system and picture management system, in line with the development trend of the news industry and demand, the opening will greatly enhance the newspaper's work efficiency and work standards.


In his speech, Wu Zhuo hoped that after the revision of China Aerospace News Network, China Aerospace News Agency will publicize the tremendous achievements made by China's aerospace more extensively and make all sectors of society understand the important news of China's aerospace more timely and comprehensively. After the editorial LAN is enabled After that, in addition to improving the efficiency of editorial, but also from many aspects to optimize system functions and improve newspaper service for the company's work level. The "two networks" should take the road of multimedia and integrated integration, take the initiative to adopt new technologies, aggressively launch new businesses and continuously enhance their radiation and influence. They should also step up supervision over online media and maintain the safety of aerospace information. They should also enhance the guidance of online media Ability to strengthen the positive public opinion.


Yang Hai-cheng, chief engineer, hopes China Aerospace News will continue to strengthen the construction of the "two networks" and continuously expand the impact of space news on the society. At the same time, it will make good use of the resources of "two nets" to provide a wealth of spiritual food to aerospace research and production front-line personnel.


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